R.T.I Team

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Pilot Introduction/Storyboard

Ze'ro Vs Zombies

A dark comedy zombie shooter where 4 characters and a couple of robot companions embark on an epic journey. They will travel back in time and combat World War II zombies and uncover how the outbreak began. They must avoid being brutally ripped limb from limb. If they lose a leg or two they must regenerate them back with their high tech suits before the zombies come  hungry for seconds! 🍖

"Arcade Alpha" demo coming in November!

The Campaign 

We are hosting a crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise the necessary funding to produce and distribute this engaging zombie game. We will put the money towards development/production, merchandising, artistry, voice actors, taxes, and scriptwriters. Any additional funds will be used to make the 3D/VR version of the game.

Gameplay Storyboard

The Story:

Ze’ro, an unorthodox time-traveler, gathers an aptly suited team to embark on a whimsical, heart racing zombie survival quest through the Hertha Forest in Germany. The team includes :

  • Maxy: The computer and organization whiz 💻
  • Bacchus: The investigator and sharp shooter 🔫
  • Alex: The powerhouse brutal beater and slayer 💪
  • Raven: The wise, divine seer in tow 🧿
  • Ze-Robot3 & Arwin: Trusty robot support sidekicks 🤖

In addition to her time traveling abilities, Ze’ro’s other skills include technological savviness, superior agility in difficult terrain, self regeneration and other hidden talents🃏.

Like most popular zombie games, as you kill more zombies, you earn money that enables you to buy better guns and equipment. Your player comes with a stamina gauge that can fluctuate based on actions taken by your character. If you run out of stamina while fighting a zombie, your legs, arms, or even eyes might be removed. Don’t worry though, your player comes equipped with a Hydra Suit which you can use to regenerate those missing body parts. 🦵

Make your way through WWII bunkers to find answers, get to know your teammates and learn about your unique strengths as you work together to save humanity, beat the zombies, and most importantly, STAY ALIVE!

Stealth Game Mechanic Storyboard

Our Team

Main  Developers From RTI

Marcus Ricole

Game Director
Designs and directs the video-game.

Eva Lemieux

Edits video game story and website.




Storyboard Artist
Illustrates the storyboards.


Mila Nova

Voice Actress
Voice actress of Ze'ro, Maxy, and Raven.


Ridho Herasmara

Head Game Developer
Constructs the video game.




Jeiman Sutrisman

Tileset Designer 
Designs the tile sets and backgrounds for the video game.



Voice Actor
Voice acts For the AI "Arwin"



Base programer and developer.




Jamie Honey

Voice Actor
Voice actor of Alex.


Rafael Banasik

Voice Actor
Voice actor of Bacchus and Hans



Logo Designer
Designed The Ze'ro Vs Zombies Logo





Horror artist
Makes the creepy art of Ze'ro for the social media posts.


Stephen Knowles

Voice Actor
Voice of Bacchus and the Zombies


Mattia Di Stasi

Handles advert/ campaign strategies.




Maurice Thomas Ward Jr 

Sprite Designer
Game Sprite Character Designer



Character Concept Artist



Voice Actor
Voice Actor of Techmon Robutis.


For Information On the Kick-start Campaign - Click here!